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Yii Q&A 1
Apr 18, 2017
2 minutes read

Some questions I’m answering are asked often so I decided to publish answers here. Feel free to ask more in comments.

Can you clarify please who has what role in Yii 2 maintenance and development?

Additionally, there are many active contributors who take care about many aspects of the framework.

Are you now the project lead?

Yii doesn’t work this way. The structure is more or less flat.

Smaller decisions are made mostly individually. Strategical decisions are discussed within core team. Usually there is a compromise. If not, we do either voting or forced decision (extremely rare).

Personally, I do many things about Yii: development, issues, forums and various communities, announcements and media, conferences, and, of course, trying out new things for the next versions.

What is the role of Qiang — is he not involved in Yii 2 development anymore?

Yes. Qiang still gives advice if needed and manages some parts of Yii infrastructure. He isn’t active about development and isn’t going to get back anytime soon.

What’s the roadmap for Yii 2 development?

There’s a wiki page which has ideas and work in progress roadmap.

Which version of PHP will be required by the next Yii?

Most likely, PHP 7.1.

Is there going to be another Yii 1.1 relase?

Yes. We’re almost there.

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