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Why am I getting dull images after processing RAW files?!
May 8, 2017
1 minute read

I’m not a pro photographer but love to travel with a camera so I’m making some pictures from time to time. Some time ago I’ve started shooting in RAW and post-processing it to JPEG-s at home. After some practice I’ve managed to get slightly better JPEG-s than camera was making automatically. Everything was well (except tons of unprocessed RAWs, of course) but after re-installing OS something went wrong. I was doing everything as before but resulting JPEGs were simply dull colored and greyish.

Research revealed that wrong color space and depth were set in processing software. I’m using Adobe Camera RAW but I’m pretty sure alike settings are in other software as well. After setting color space to sRGB and depth to 16 bit everything went back to normal. JPEGs became juicy again.

If you wonder about the difference between color spaces, here’s a good article by Zach Sutton about it.

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