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I’m Alex, one of the core maintainers of Yii PHP framework for more than 7 years, its representative in PHP-FIG, active conference speaker and participant of various other OpenSource projects.

I am blogging in Russian since 2005 and recently decided that it is time to write in English as well.

Seeking for patronage

I am seeking for patronage in order to work on Yii framework and other OpenSource software. Would really appreciate if you will support me.

Available for Hire

My primary focus is Yii framework but I can allocate time for:

  • Code Reviews (basic security, Yii usage, cleanness, possible bugs etc.).
  • Consulting (both Yii-related and not).
  • Checking if project is good for OpenSource before publishing.
  • Internal processes improvement.

Availability is subject to change. Rate depends on type of the project and specifics. Average is about $100/hr. I do give discounts and even may consider doing it for free for non-profits and OpenSource.

If you’re interested in my experience, check out my LinkedIn page.

If you have any questions, email me at [email protected].